Over the last couple of years or so I (John F Croston III) have given accessibility presentations at a lot of different events.

My Slides

My Places to Eat

My friends ask me a lot where to eat since I'm always talking about cool little inexpensive and out of the way places to eat. So I created a website I called jfc iii ate here. I list all the cities nd restaurants I have been that a found interesting place with great food. Sometimes it's only one dish or dessert or the whole menu.

General Website Information

If you have enjoyed yourself any Refresh DC you need to come out to one of the following events:

Where we do the same type of thing with only one speaker that currently takes place once a month. We, usually, have a sponsor to provide us with stuff like pizza, soda, or other snacks. After the presentation, most of us go out for drinks and something to eat to talk more about working in the Washington, DC area geek community.

Right now this website will only be plain pages with nothing fancy, all created with only CSS for the backgrounds, buttons, and everything else.

Plan on using this blog to post what I'm up to, along with things I have created or learned, and any other web related items I might have or find.

You can reach me in the following ways: