Here you will find my resume in a shorter version with my web background or the full version with everything I have done in Word format for now. Need to make some updates and then recreate a PDF version.

My Slides

Over the last 10+ years or so I (John F Croston III) have given many accessibility presentations at a lot of different events. The following are the main talks I have presented.

General Information About Me

You have found your way to the website of John F Croston III, a web developer and accessibility advocate from the Washington, DC area.

Right now, the website is nothing fancy, all created with only HTML and CSS, which is now responsive (no time for my own website) for those of you using mobile, tablet, or desktop/laptop devices.

Being an old school developer, you will find I have used vCard Microformats on the home page along with the jfc iii ate here pages.

My blog is full of posts on what I’m up to, be it accessibility, food, travel, along with things I have created or learned, and any other web related items I might have or find. You will probably find a bunch of things related to food too.

I enjoy web development a great deal and to accomplish my daily job; I use some of the following languages, processes, and skills.

  • Accessibility
    • Section 508
    • WCAG 2.0
    • Screen readers
      • JAWS
      • VoiceOver
      • NVDA
      • TalkBack
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Web Standards
  • Validators for HTML, CSS, Links, etc.
  • PHP
  • Microformats

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, great wine, running Accessibility DC, photography, hiking, and a lot more. Most of the books I read nowadays are mostly technical and related to the web, web standards, accessibility, development, user experience, and design.